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TRAILER - TELSTRA - TOBI APP from Be on Vimeo.

Telstra Onboarding and Induction (TOBI)

The opportunity

An innovative technology company, with a dynamic and energetic workplace, Telstra wanted to reflect that in their approach to induction and onboarding for their retail staff. Intending to revolutionise the new employee experience, they engaged us to create a program that would meet the ever-changing world of retail network, reduce attrition of a large part time, casual workforce and deliver competent and confident sales consultants.

Our thinking

This long-term project started with us gaining a crucial understanding of both the needs of the business and those of the learners – new retail employees. Following this, we arranged a series of think labs and creative sessions with Telstra stakeholders, bringing together all of our knowledge and experience in instructional design and how people learn for a digitally based solution.

What happened next?

The first of its kind in Australia, our solution was a 90-day learning app known as TOBI: Telstra OnBoarding & Induction. Delivering an engaging and flexible experience, including digital and face-to-face learning, it allowed new employees to take a paced learning journey, starting with ‘push’ learning and followed with learner-initiated training. Dynamic elements such as games, video, journaling, virtual instructor-led training and on-the-job activities kept people engaged, while coaches and learners could interact with each other in real-time, providing support from, and feedback to, the business.


From the business

“The outcome of this Induction is 10 times what we previously had!”

“I want all my staff to complete this Induction journey. New inductees are proactively completing tasks existing staff still don’t do successfully even after 2 years!”

From the learners

“The immediate application of learning was excellent, to learn and then literally do, in-store rather than a pretend role play was second to none.”

“The in-store coach element was fantastic. It was interesting to see other staff wanting to help me out and get involved.”

“Loved the 3 days, facilitator was amazing and it was such a valuable use of time in a classroom the decision on what was on the App and what was in the classroom is a huge compliment to the designers.”