Great work is it’s own reward. Here you can find some of the interesting and satisfying projects we’ve had the pleasure of delivering.

Telstra Flexrock

The opportunity

Telstra’s products and services enable businesses and consumers to be flexible in the way they work. In order to align this approach with their own business model, Telstra wanted to make flexible working a core component of the way they operated. This required an internal revolution in thinking and behaviour.

Our thinking

This long-term project required discovery, design and delivery of programs at different stages – igniting and facilitating discussion, and then maintaining momentum for change across the business. Starting with facilitated and participatory forum theatre with leaders, we conducted needs analysis and project discovery to understand the changes required to make Telstra’s vision a reality. Once we had uncovered the opportunities, we identified how we could stimulate conversation amongst a wider group of people leaders that would be spread throughout the business. Again, we determined that forum theatre was the most appropriate and effective medium, and our design of multiple case studies around key flexibility themes ensured people were exposed to different scenarios, furthering the participation and discussion.

What happened next?

Over three years we built and delivered a program that started with consultation and ideas generation
 and helped managers move to intrinsically motivated behaviours around flexible practices. This was followed by programs that ignited and supported a ‘grass roots’ approach to flexibility across the business. Finally we helped people leaders to explore and deal with some of the potential concerns with regards to a completely flexible workplace.