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Diversity, global technology company

The opportunity

A multi-national technology client approached us after identifying non-productive behaviours in their business that were impacting on culture, morale and their internal brand. Although they had a compliance program in place, they needed to address the issues at a cultural and behavioural level and we were recommended as being able to bring the issues to the forefront.

Our thinking

With stakeholders in the business we co-created forum theatre scenarios with themes of bullying, discrimination and harassment. Our research also included interviewing our target audience and their input helped us shape the focus of the scenes, for example, including the role of a bystander and addressing cultural differences that could be misperceived.

What happened next?

We delivered three realistic forum theatre scenes, covering the three topics, over half a day, and this was augmented with facilitated discussion amongst the audience. In order to roll this program out to the wider business, we filmed the forum scenes and created a facilitator guide so that the internal teams could be the next generation of facilitators and advocates for integrating the positive behavioural changes across the business.