Great work is it’s own reward. Here you can find some of the interesting and satisfying projects we’ve had the pleasure of delivering.

Medibank Thrive

The opportunity

When Medibank moved to a new head office, one of their key opportunities was increased activity-based working. In order to support their employees in shifting towards a more collaborative, customer-focused space, they approached us to develop an environment where their people could openly discuss the change.

Our thinking

Initially Medibank wanted forum theatre to start conversations throughout the business, so we conducted research and consulted with leaders to create a scene that brought concerns and possibilities to life.

What happened next?

The program was so successful in generating authentic conversations that we were invited to extend it into further workshops. We delivered a session with the executive team, the top 60 leaders, then 12 sessions with every leader in Medibank. This program will continue to roll across the business to enhance their new working methods. In addition, we filmed the forum theatre to allow Medibank to scale this solution for wider business, enabling HR business partners could run a film version of the forum and facilitate team conversations themselves.