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Learning strategy and onboarding, global technology company

The opportunity

Joining a multinational conglomerate – one of the biggest brands worldwide, should be an exciting experience. However our client engaged us to revitalise their onboarding when they realised that their induction was overwhelming, learning was poorly supported and there was a lack of welcome. Our opportunity was to ignite enthusiasm and maintain engagement amongst new recruits.

Our thinking

To get to the most appropriate and elegant solution for the clients needs, we conducted collaborative business analysis, learning and UX research, stakeholder consultation, and reviews of current research in onboarding, learning, developmental psychology, behavioural economics and neuroscience.

What happened next?

Using our participatory design approach we recommended an integrated induction programme – moving towards an onboarding ‘journey’ that extended for 60 days after the initial face-to-face event and is delivered gradually, on tablets, using our Digital Learning Platform. Complementary to the wider onboarding experiences, the program also teaches people how to find valuable information for themselves and results in them feeling comfortable and at ease navigating the landscape of the new employment environment.