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Global professional services firm - High impact relationships

The opportunity

Our client uses a range of sophisticated sales frameworks, each different in their implementation and application. As a result, they were experiencing challenges in embedding content and achieving behavioural change to adopt new practices. Having partnered with our client for over six years we were asked to leverage the high-impact senior level relationships and execute the content across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Our thinking

Working with the L&D team and partners for the EMEA region, we held focus groups to determine what needed to change in the learning programs and how they could be brought to life. From our research and experience we were able to design and create a realistic case study of a fictional client to use in the forum theatre – an efficient, effective and proven way to illustrate where the skills of senior leaders can be developed.

What happened next?

By delivering case study simulations using forum theatre, we were able to bring the content to life in a business context – a first for our client. As a result, this realistic simulation has ignited engagement and activated learning throughout Europe, Australia and Asia, where it has been delivered numerous times over the last 4 years.