Our CEO Susan Mackie is an expert in lateral and creative thinking.
Here she talks with Todd Sampson about the power of Lateral
Thinking using de Bono's 6 hats thinking.

We design and deliver
behavioural change solutions to
ignite, activate and embed

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* Carter, R., Badham, R., Matula, L., Parker, S., Nesbit, P. (Currently Under Review). Organizational Theatre’s Effects on Management Control. The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science.


We achieve up to 38% lift in performance
through creating conditions for employee
engagement and personal resilience*

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Susan has an 18 year track record consulting in strategy, creativity,
innovation and performance. Susan will be responsible for strategy,
thought leadership and commercialisation.

She will also serve as spokesperson for Be Learning and will represent
the company and all its professional business capacities. Susan believes
in standing for the effective utilisation and improvement of human potential
and performance in organisations.

We are proud to announce that Susan Mackie
has been appointed to the role of CEO of
Be Learning.

Be a part of an award winning team...

Our team is made up of highly experienced subject matter experts
and designers that have been delivering and implementing highly
interactive and experiential programs since 2005.

We are currently recruiting experienced Business Development
professionals in the OD and L&D sector in both New South Wales
and Victoria.

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Transforming a retail induction experience

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We use theatre, film and digital
to bring learning to life.

Forum Theatre provokes
thought and triggers
the desire for change

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